About RoboNegotiator

An Unbiased Medium For Negotiation

RoboNegotiator is a patent pending, unbiased, API/plugin-based SaaS to automate price negotiation in online shopping websites. From your own product catalog, buyers can now make live offers on products and the software uses seller defined parameters/rules to find the best mutually agreed price for both parties. It works with any eCommerce website and is driven by a proprietary, patented technology.

The economy is tough. While small-ticket items are bought immediately, higher-end items sit idle in inventory for far too long. An outside-the-box approach is required to get these items sold. Many buyers want the gratification of knowing that they saved money by making a deal, and they are willing to delay purchases and look elsewhere for saving some money. On other hand, sellers and companies pay thousands of dollars acquiring website traffic, yet statistically, 90 - 97% of website visitors don't buy anything.

With vast amount of data, you can make intelligent decision now for maximum profitability and customer satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

How It Works


Step 1 : Register/Login with RoboNegotiator

You can register/login and upload some products in our marketplace (demo) and see how RoboNegotiator can help you get additional data points and serious customers. Once you decide to put our solution in your own website, you can subscribe our services (coming soon).

Step 2 : Upload Special Deals & Configure Negotiation Rules

You get to decide on which products and services should have special deals. Everything can work according to your convenience. All you need to do is upload the secret deals to RoboNegotiator Engine and buyers will negotiate through us not knowing your lowest. Everything is automated.
RoboNegotiator gives historical and market trends along with buyer's demographics for you to decide on your deals. You can also optionally configure rules & parameters for Negotiation through our auto-pilot negotiation mode.

Step 3 : Be Matched With Committed Buyers

Once you upload and configure special deals to RoboNegotiator, our match-identifying software will find matching customers through your website(s) and through our own Product Catalog (new Sales Channel). RoboNegotiator provides live negotiation button for potential buyers to negotiate through our software. Once your buyers are introduced to you, you can finish remaining formalities (payments, delivery of products) with buyers directly. RoboNegotiator guarantee gives you peace of mind. You can also negotiate with someone you already know through us.


Step 1 : Discover Special Deals with Negotiate Option

Don't use “Add to Shopping Cart” mechanism anymore. Demand and ask for RoboNegotiator method of counteroffering to your sellers. Products with special deals from many e-Commerce websites using RoboNegotiator will allow you to counter-offer through our special button. Wait and hope you get better price than the listed price!

Step 2 : Commit Your Offer & Negotiate Lower Price

Once you find your product, you can commit your interest while providing your best counteroffer through RoboNegotiator. RoboNegotiator has secured deals from many sources and we will find matching deal (if any) from a special seller or any other seller and if it is close to your offer, you will provide the opportunity to negotiate further.

Step 3 : Connect With a Seller and Finish Formalities

Assuming your counteroffer is agreed by the seller, you both will be introduced by emails and text messaging. Connect with the seller and finish remaining formalities (payment and getting delivery). RoboNegotiator guarantee gives you peace of mind. You can also negotiate with someone you already know through us.